Monday, December 28, 2009

T H E - H O L I D A Y S

I awake at 5.30am this is due to the heavy footsteps running up and down the stairs as my father finishes packing the car for our trip across the english channel to Ireland.
I slide own the icy path to the car which could easily be mistaken for an icebox..
My stomach is still hurting from a big session of eating the night before (I think it is very possible I pulled something.....) Inside the car, I put my earphones on and slip into unconsciousness for a good few hours.
We arrive after an alco-haul at Sainsbury's in Belfast, N. Ireland.

It has become a bit of a tradition to head to Belfast city center on Christmas eve to search out ensembles for us all to wear on Christmas day. This time we are driven in by my younger than me cousin Aoife (this may be a sign I should get my drive on too).
We arrive and on Fergus' request we start with a McDonalds feast. Since my stint in America, I have become quite partial to the offerings at the restaurant with the yellow arches.
We decide to get some fake eyelashes toi wear on Xmas day, so we go to fresh garbage a shop where my mother used to go and buy flares and hippy stuff in her youth. (It now stocks tacky goth stuff.)
We head home to eat a huge meal of ham. It was amazing.
Later that evening we all play about with some wigs- I fell in love with the idea of cutting my hair off into a bob and dying it blond.....

I woke up with the worst back pain I have ever experienced which didn't involve bruising my coccyx. This however was through no ones fault but my own as I opted to sleep on the floor (a completely viable choice at the time)
After some present unwrapping we head t0 the in house cinema for The Hangover. -Quality movie. Here is some gold from Alan:
The Christmas dinner commenced, we cracked crackers, drank champagne and successfully stuffed ourselves with the amazing feast prepared my my auntie. The stuffing scored exceptionally high I thought.
After the meal we head upstairs to watch a movie where Aoife and I do our trade mark pass-out, only to awake hours later to a completely empty and quiet room. Wide awake as everyone else is ready for bed, we tuck into some birthday cake (my sister Zoe shares her birthday with Jesus) and sit down and watch The Heathers, a movie I have neither seen or even heard of. It has Christian Slater and that actress that got done for stealing all of that stuff from that store that time.

We awake and decide to go shopping in the sales, we all find great success and fill the boot with brown paper bags from Urban outfitters and Topshop. I managed to find sme leftovers from the Christopher Kane collection= rather chuffed Cara.
From one form of leftover to another, we pile into the car and drive off home to pile up our plates for our second sitting of Christmas dinner.
After we attempt to watch numerous films before bed time.........

Films we started and didn't finish:
The hangover
Pirates of the carribean
Notting hill
Black snake moan

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