Wednesday, September 30, 2009

D A Y - 4 (evening)

I met up with my friend Akin and his film crew for the evening, we went to the west village in search of food, coming across one of the most bizarre eating experiences of my life......
The building looked like a tacky Christmas tree which has the ability to mutate and take over the walls like ivy had attacked it. The restaurant itself was one of 4 Indian restaurants in identical fairy lightened rooms, each with a pushy Indian man shouting at us to come in to their place. When walking through the doors, the tinsel and fairy lights brushed the top of my head as my eyes tried to focus in the red light.
After eating the food the lights went off, some disco lights came on and a cheesy remix of happy birthday blares out around us as a tray of ice cream makes it's way to our table. Apparently it was one of the girls, Aixa's Birthday. It was news to her aswell.

D A Y - 4

I ventured over to Williamsburg in search of 'Beacon's Closet' a store mentioned in the NY Time Out special. after wondering around the empty back streets of warehouses and garages, I spent well over an hour in this large warehouse filled to the brim with clothes and trendy shop assistants, scouring colour (or color as they say here) coordinated rails of clothes. I found some absolute gems in there, including a Philip Lim skirt for $35 dollars OMG!

D A Y - 2 (marc jacobs)

I walked over to the station ready to embark on the list made in "SJP's comprehensive (ish) guide to THE BIG APPLE" lovingly wrote by the truly fabulous Stephanie Powell (of poo doves fame). Obviously first stop being the almighty MJ. After walking along Bleecker street for what seemed like a life time, i found the notorious accessories store, but alas it wasnt meant to be as i was too early. So after loading up on a bagel and getting a bit lost on the way, it was time. with tshirts at $25 purses at $11 it was no surprise that it was filled with frantic women pushing and shoving their way around the store. But with alot of the merchandise still in thier packing wrappers, this place looked more like a store room than a shop. Either way it didn't stop me, i spent some dollar.

D A Y - 1

A week ago i made my way to heathrow airport on the london underground to catch my flight to JFK, Newyork. during the trip i attempted to watch the god awefull "angels and demons", i changed it to "the hangover" which was hugely recomeneded by a frind of mine. I was not dissapointed, it had me LOLing on the plane.
Unfortunately the food wasn't quite so welcomely received, even though i ate the lot due to starvation. With each mouth full i thought to what would Gordon Ramsay would have to say about it, but then my thoughts turned to the fact that he would be up in first class with champagne and food that did not resemble gunge with a piece of chicken placed on top.
On arrival, after an eye scan, fingerprint and questioning questioning sesh from boarder control, i walked through the doors to the long line of yellow taxis. i smiled a little bit. I stood behind a group of hedonistic jews- amazing! The excitement didn't stop there, as i took my taxi ride into town, i saw a classic yellow school bus, which i couldn't quite believe are not exclusively for the movies!
The hostel is well nice, really spacious and trendy, in fact the area apparently is inhabited buy the hipsters and the cool of Brooklyn, i am living in Bushwick which they say is "the new Williamsburg". though I ended up walking around the wrong side and got called a barbie, a princess and blondie as i walked down the street, all of which i am sure were not meant to be compliments, though I quite liked the idea of looking like barbie....... I got on the train and headed to times square, where i had flickery vision when i got out of the station from the cocktail of jet- lag, the bright lights of the endless flashing billboards and my first stateside Starbucks.