Saturday, October 31, 2009

3 8

This is their roof.

3 7

Friday, October 30, 2009


21. from MDes GD & ILL on Vimeo.

This video was made by Annabel King, she is an illustrator and good friend from Shrewbury via Brighton

D A Y - 3 6

After work I met up with Jed for an extremely welcomed drink. The destiation : Spanish Restaurant ad Bar (we attempted to go to this place before on my second day here, but I mixed up Manhattan with Brooklyn and went to the wrong 13th street and 6th) this place says what it is on the tin; as you walk inside you are greeted by an old Spanish man who guides you to you table asking Sangria? We reply yes, a pitcher there of. Along comes a giant jug of some really good sangria, though to be honest my palette hasn’t streatched much further than that of the stuff you get in juice cartans In spain. This stuff I drank copius amounts of with a girl we met on our journey south on the way to Beicasim last year... With the Sangria, comes complimetary tapas. It was super fun we ended up drinking a pitcher each, wich meant for $17 we had dinner and left feeling pleasantly tipsy.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

3 4

(This is Manhattan from Williamsburg)

D A Y - 3 3

At Lorimer Street station where one has to wait for the shuttle bus, I stand and admire the Kellogs diner encapsulated by yet another amazing American sky.

D A Y - 3 2

Today I experienced some of the most intense rain I have ever been out in. I think this rain trumped that of the torrential down poor that the guests of Bestival 2008 endured that long weekend. It did make me a little skeptical about leaving the confinement of the apartment, but didn’t stop me. I headed over to Bleecker street to the Le Poisson Rouge club (they have a wonky fish tank in the foyer, I thought it was way cool.) We were there to see Múm, an Icelandic band. They were amazing, evoking a trance like state as I stood in the crowd. Their album artwork was beautiful too, I really liked this one……

I fell over as I got out of the station at Bedford Avenue, it was one of those moments that you see in slow motion and there is nothing in your power to stop it happening: I felt my foot lock in the sidewalk; my balance lost from my person and all I could do was brace for impact. Once down I had an American man help me up as the sounds of Akin’s hysterical laughter filled the air. I was soaked in result from this. Nice.

D A Y - 3 1

(This is where I sleep, it is way plush. I lay my head down at night on K-mart’s finest.)

Friday, October 23, 2009

D A Y - 3 0

Today whilst riding the subway the driver left the door open to his compartment so I could see onto the track. It was amazing, it looked like a coal mine inspired fairground ride.

Later when I returned home I watched the old teen classic, She's All That. This followed by the film Penelope, I had never heard of this movie, but, it had an all star cast, including a cameo role from Russel Brand. It was the tale of a girl born with the face of a pig due to a curse laid upon the family. Produced by the likes of Reece Witherspoon who also had a starring role. The magical and fairytale execution of the storyline, design and filming had me glued to the screen. (or wall, as i brag about our 'at home cinema system' we have set up in our apartment.) Very much recommended viewing....

D A Y - 2 8

Today was pretty rubbish. now that I was sure I would never say during my stay in the greatest city in the world. My time consisted of unexciting events and errors. After, I went home and submerged into slumber.

D A Y - 2 7

Today they had me running errands around town again but this time it was far different than before (see day 24), it was glorious. I had a smile on my face and a skip in my step as I walked the streets around times square.
Later, that evening totally met up with my cuz Aoife. She and her friends were on a politics trip, in need of some pointers on where to undertake the number one activity, retail therapy (which has a lot to do with politics i am sure). Obvs came to the right girl anyhow.... and the right city......

Sunday, October 18, 2009

D A Y - 2 6

We had some people over last night to have some drinks. here is what the apartment looks like from the inside. we drank cider made from granny smith apples, it was pretty much amazing, highly recommended to any cider fan.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

D A Y - 2 5

(This is George. He is a Great Dane, he lives in my apartment. He is really big.)

D A Y - 2 4 (cont.)

I took these photos on my trek in the rain, they are to only two I could take before my camera battery “exhausted”.
(This is a dead bird)

(These are some buildings round the corner from the film studios.)

Friday, October 16, 2009

D A Y - 2 4

After a day out in the rain running between bleeker street to broadway, from broadway to Vera Wang’s studio and then on to Martha steward’s office, I was not only soaking wet but frozen to the bone. It was misserable. I warmed and cheered up in Wholefoods on Union Square where i ate a curry i had saag paneer, which was pretty good, but still hasn't overtaken the talents of my ex-housemate Ben Westoby when he made it from scratch.

D A Y - 2 3

This evening, after yet again getting confused by the subway system here where there are multiple stations with the same name (WTF?!). I find the cinema by Penn station and proceed to the viewing of The Invention Of Lying. This movie was thoroughly entertaining, but this is pretty much a given if Ricky Gervais is put in the mix. I could give a review, but nothing is going to beat the work of Karl Pilkington:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

D A Y - 2 2

Halloween is all around, (and has been for weeks). People in the office were discussing costume ideas last week, the shops are decked out with Halloween décor and every bodega has pumpkins outside for sale. I have yet to pick what I am going to be, but I have wanted to have a Halloween in the U.S. since I can’t remember, so I probs need to get into the spirit pretty soon…

D A Y - 2 1

(I took this picture next to Morgan Ave station)

D A Y - 2 0

Coney island had been on my list of lings to do or see since before I arrived in NYC. The sun was shining, and a lazy Sunday by the beach is exactly what the doctor ordered. Getting off the train, it felt a little like a film set, an eerie rundown amusement center, with a very few people walking around as it was not on season. However, the fast food restaurant on the corner by the station was wide open, and here I sampled my first corn dog, this went down very, very well, I urge anyone, bar vegetarians and people who have an aversion to deep fried food to try. They are America’s answer to the battered sausage, but way better. We the headed to the wonder wheel, now this contraption is crazy, it not only goes super high, but the carriages also move around and swing about, this caught me much by surprise, as you can see in this video I recorded as it moved up………

We then took a stroll to Brighton Beach, a big contrast to the Brighton beach I lived by for 3 years…

(Brighton Beach, NY)


Realizing just a few hours before Major Lazer (after knowing of this very event for months) was playing that evening, my friend Esme and I rounded up the likes of Jed Cullen ( and darted home to prepare for one of the most spectacular nights out for a long time. I might even go as far as saying ever. After walking the streets of Manhattan to Terminal 5, through the doors, we were greeted by a packed out dance floor. This was a bizarre mix of an underage and drinking aged mass of bodies dancing to the sounds of Jack beats.After Rusco’s very well received set, as the Americans are totally over heels in love with Dub-Step right now, I spotted the figure dressed in a 3 piece suit that was half of Major Lazer, Diplo. (Switch was not present that evening.) The crowd went wild as the sounds came out of a ridiculously good sound system and Scerrit Bwoy and his two gold bikinied hoochie mamas daggered and danced about on stage. Now, when Diplo dropped his remix of Keep it going louder as always if not only for duty to the Doves get pretty excited, but he stopped it rewound, or so I thought until I look up and NINA SKY and RICKY BLAZE leap onto the stage for a fully live performance:

(the sound is pretty poor on this video, but you can get the idea.)
A few songs along, we were joined by Jah Dan for his performance of Cash Flow. Then came Skerrit Bwoy’s fairly obscene dancing to Pon De Floor where his trousers fell down, or were pulled down (it was hard to differentiate). Then later, Halfway through Hold the line I realize that it is in fact the real life Santigold and Mr. Lexx providing the vocals…

Major Lazer’s performance left me speechless in the “I cant believe this is so good” way as well as the quite literal sense.

This is santigold

I don’t know about how Crookers were feeling, but if I were next up, I would not liked to follow that performance.

Oh, and apparently M.I.A was in the building too………..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

D A Y - 1 9

Here are some shots from the shore of Williamsburg.

D A Y - 1 8

Here is me and my first 'solo' this was such a major excitement.

Friday, October 9, 2009

D A Y - 1 7

After a long day at the office, I unwound on my blow up bed in my little den, curled up with a Diet Coke and the issue of vogue I bought last week, but hadn’t managed to open yet. I came across an article on nails. A new trend in the world of manicure is pretty cool, and apparently ranging from very little to $150. Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna and Fergie are all fans of these "Minx" nails with pictures of Obama, Bob Marley and the Mona Lisa adorning their talons. I would like to get my cat on my nails like Katy Perry has.......

This is Katy Perry's Hand.

1 6 . 5

Oh, and here are a couple of images from my return to the apartment in the sky on the upper east side………

D A Y - 1 6

As I walk out of the building on Broadway for a quick lunch break I am greeted with police tape closing off the road and the area filled with firetrucks and police cars as people stare up at an apparent building falling apart. I, however do not see any sign of any rogue bricks or planks falling from the sky so i move on in the sunny streets of Manhattan.

I bought a Coral Nail Varnish from Sephora called “I’m Weird”, this reminded me of this youtube video I used to watch back in the with my beloved PooDoves.

1 5

(Almond “candy” its real good.)

D A Y - 1 5

After work I took a trip back to century 21 (see DAY 8). This time with much success, acheiving an apparent saving of $210. On the way I walked past the eery site where the twin towers once stood and where a construction site now stands for the memorial centre.

D A Y - 1 4

I walked past this on the way to the station this morning, I saw this amazing machine just after passing a cracked out man hunched around a fence (he disturbed me a little). The truck made me happy again :-)

D A Y - 1 3

This is my roof…..

So as of Friday I would like to say I am no longer living out of a suitcase, but even though I have moved into my place I still am. Though we now had a pretty cool rail suspended from the ceiling in the form of plumbing, But, this place despite it’s quirks is a pretty phenomenal living space. I live in a Loft apartment on the top floor of 255 McKibben street, Bushwick in Brooklyn. It has a super high ceiling with one end of the apartment, a wall of windows, The wall adjacent has the plywood built rooms where the 8 tenants including myself have our bedrooms. The rest of the space, an amazingly perfect party size living room which takes about 5 minutes to walk from one end to the other.

This will become a pigeon, it lives out of my window.

1 2 . 5

This here is a view from my roof, pretty dope no?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

1 2

(the local subway station)

D A Y - 1 1 (My new friend Annie)

Last night after a day of running about town buying bedding for my new loft apartment, the crew head to The Grand Hotel to go party in the basement club. As we arrive there is a massive que, so instead of waiting inline, we do what any self respecting girl about town does, we talk to the door people and explain that we are on the guest list and then get ushered in for free with the 10 others we are with. we are greeted by Annie Mac (where I, of course have to be a big dork and get a picture with her. see above.)

She has a pink Macbook, it is way cool.


On Day 10 i have an appointment on Broadway for an interview, as I exit the station i see one of the longest ques of people ever, trailing back from UNIQLO. Today is the day Jill Sander arrives. An hour after battling through the eager line of people blocking my entrance, i re-emerge to find a shorter que, so decide to have a look in at this highly anticipated collection. Once in the store, I am submerged in a frantic group of girls and boys pulling at the rails, snatching up the collection. by the time i get in it seems there is only size large left of everything which would be just fine if the constant consuming of food that i have been practicing since getting here, had actually loaded up on my sides.
the ethos of this collection is as follows:

"luxury will be simlicity
purity in design, beauty and comfort for all.
quality for people
basics are the common language.
The future is here" +J

These ideals can bee seen strongly throughout the collection of inovative fabrics formed into simple cuts of the tailored and practical clothing. I very much recommend a look, i am waiting on another shipment so i can get hold of the women's tailored, box- shaped jacket, NOT in a size large.

Check out the collection here:

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today, on yet another unintentional detour, i got on a train bound for Brighton Beach. This made me double take as i thought this was a joke....... so, looking through my Moleskine New York Edition (thanks doves), i was informed that the pebbly coastal piece of land I miss and love so very much was not as far away as i first thought.


Views from the ground of Columbus Circle

D A Y - 9 (cont.)

So, I got taken to the upper east side last night, the view out of this apartment was one of the best i have ever seen in my life (see above). I couldn't really form any sentences for the first 15 minutes, or at least ones that made any sense as my eyes were fixated on the windows. I'm no gossip girl enthusiast, but i gather this is what the characters are accustomed to as life. pretty s w e e t.
Out of one of the windows, Bono and Bruce Willis' apartments can be seen across a couple of blocks. O M G

D A Y - 9

Here are some more shoes hanging from wires, this time in williamsburg, N 11th street