Thursday, December 10, 2009

D A Y - 8 0

T0day we went t0 experience our last but of NY culture. I have wanted to tick the walk across Brooklyn bridge off my list for quite some time which made it the perfect way to spend our final hours in the Big Apple. We subway it across the river to Manhattan after packing completion, and head over toward the river to the famous structure which links Brooklyn to the city.

Once over the bridge we 'wait in line' in the freezing cold to indulge in a sitting at Grimaldi's, "The best pizza in all of New York." I think this is a very fair statement, it was superb. We opted for olive and pepperoni.
Y U M Y U M Y U M.

We venture back to McKibben for the final time to pick up our stuff and head over to JFK.

.........and lift 0ff back t0 the 0ld w0rld.........

G O O D B Y E - N E W - Y O R K

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