Tuesday, November 24, 2009


At 1.30 am we decided to go out. Heading over the Williamsburg Bridge to the lower east side to the Fat Baby club, our friend Frankie works the door at...... an excellent resource as in turn, we had free evening...... As we enter the sparsely filled club, the DJ is playing a Baltimore-Club set and some pretty strong drinks put in our hands. After two of these beverages we were all the kings and queens of the dance floor..... the next DJ played some 90's r'n'b and hiphop, mixed with songs such as Major Lazer, Madonna and my favourite, a Lady Gaga Medly.


There was a jew sitting by himself in a booth for much of the evening (he can be seen behind the bleached out cara shape)

I took this picture as I exit the club (on the way to a stop at McDonalds)

S U P E R - F U N - T I M E S

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