Tuesday, November 17, 2009

E V E N I N G - 5 5

Here is an illustration of me by a fashion student at FIT, NY

This evening was super super fun................
I was set to help out at my internship with an event they were PR-ing. It was Fashion Foreward, an event sponsored by Saks 5th Ave. I was sent off to see that the girl from Models.com, Betty, had everything she needed. This resulted in me spending most of my evening backstage, which as we all know is the best place to be and where all the magic happens. After an hour or so soaking up the surroundings which included many a beautiful model and my god, a beautiful outfit, we spot Mr Tim Gunn. Of course having just 2 degrees of separation from this guy (he is my Dad's best friend's friend) i had to go and say hi....
Meeting Tim Gunn who was an absolute gem, I lost all sense of dignity and went and asked for a photo:
(Photography courtesy of Betty @ Models.com)(Lovely lovely man he was)

Whilst backstage I spot these fabulous Chanel boots on this model, far too good to not document them (my beat up Steve Maddens next to them= c o n t r a s t !) :
(Photography courtesy of Betty @ Models.com)
later that night I stayed up for the supposed meteor shower.... I headed to the roof and after 10 mins of freezing my ass off and seeing nothing of the sort I headed back to the apartment to curl up in my bed.

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