Monday, November 2, 2009


I start my day by heading over to 40th and 7th, (we have Parsons on the end of the street, the setting for project runway.) Here is where you can find some of the most amazing fabrics, I headed into one of the Aladdin's caves of luscious fabrics, to re-emerge to the street with a bag full of crocodile effect PVC and black lace which will shortly become my costume for the evening..... So back at the apartment, i get to work hand stitching my Lady Ga Ga couture. by 7.30 it is complete an ready to go to the parade that takes place over on the lower east side. so we take the shuttle bus over to Lorimer where we see an army of dressed up people crowding the platform. The best costume i lay my eyes on however is the guy from the hangover he created; the look by attaching a beard to his face and wearing a baby carrier on his front, complete with a plastic baby sitting in it.
Later on after the crew adjourned for the night of fun we hung about the apartment drinking Sailor Jerry's cocktails and listening to Miley Cyrus and may other American affiliated songs. We then headed downstairs to where the party was at...... 1st floor (or to you Brits, that means ground floor). The apartment was massive, bigger than ours, with a back door leading out to the pretty big back yard. They had a pretty good sound system with djs, one of whom played 'Dutty Wine'. If we had a video camera, right now i could show you what lady gaga looks like doing dutty wine......
At this party i met many different characters icluding zelda and link. I also met another lady Gaga, .
(Here he have the mass of people being unleashed ito Brooklyn for Halloween.)

(Here we Have Donnie Darko walkig the streets of a rain-soaked Brooklyn.)

(here we have (L-R) Flava Flave; Lady Ga Ga; an Angel and this girl who is sick.)

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