Wednesday, November 25, 2009

D A Y - 6 4

Cheeky Monkeys...

Today we went to the Bronx zoo. Although leaving the apartment so late resulted us arriving at 3.45pm, 45 mins before closing time. We ran around searching for animals, in the spitting rain and darkness. We succeeded in finding some monkeys (see above) and some Panthers in 'Asia'. we attempted to see the Giraffes, but with no joy, it had been put to bed.
Passing back through Manhattan, we decide to go check out some sights, 5th ave was the desination of choice. We emerge in Bloomingdale's. Making our way through the store we find the street and check out the christmas windows.... they are sparkly.....

We then walk along 5th Ave and see more windows, including louis Vuitton and we witnessedthe lighting up of Saks 5th ave.
Louis Vuitton Display

Star hanging over 5th Ave

The rockafella building

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