Friday, November 20, 2009

D A Y - 5 9

Today on Connie and I wondered in and around Central Park.......

The Jackie Onassis lake.

Enjoying my first pretzel from a street side vendor. (see origin of pretzel in background)

We sat on a rock by this pond for some time soaking up the autumn (or fall) sun, we saw people rowing boats, ducks, and two swans.

We then walked further south to the Turtle Pond, we spot one enjoying the sunshine, floating near the surface, this was too boring for Miss Dickson. She needs action from these little creatures and takes action..........

We then exit the Park, greeted by horse driven carts, little men trying to hoax us in to having our portraits drawn and people dressed up as the statue of liberty all in a row. We found 5th Avenue.....Across the road we see the giant glass box also known as the Apple store, ad behind the best toy store in the world, F.A.O. Schwartz. This store is home to the famous giant piano from the film Big. unfortunately when we find it following play time with the millions of toys, it is packed out with adults and children alike. I plan on returning to get the obligatory photo.
Here are some giant Giraffes, and you can see the amazing ceiling of the store which changes colour.

The Purpose of exiting the apartment today was to go to MoMA, something that has been on the to do list since my arrival. Friday evenings are free admission here which meant it was filled with people, and as it is absolutely massive, there were loads... We only had energy to complete 1/3 of the content. Even so I managed to see loads including the drawings exhibition, which featured work from Bidget Riley, Sigmar Polke (a favourite) and David Hockney. I look forward to the next enstallmet next friday (Tim Burton exhibition included.)

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  1. gosh gosh, i was at the moma yesterday too! i might be there next friday with you aswell. as I am going to watch a film there at 8. it is big fish, they are showing tim burtons whole back catalog, i am going to see nightmare before christmas tomorrow too, you should come if you've never seen it in a cinema before becuase it's incredibleblbe