Sunday, November 8, 2009

D A Y - 4 6

Today we went inside the Kellogg's Diner (post "D A Y - 3 3" you can see this place @ night). I had chocolate chip pancakes. They were about the size of my head and after consuming just over two i was re pleat. In fact i felt mildly naucious for an hour or so after. I didnt need to eat again until dinner time, which was a falafal sandwich from the falafal shop just outside bedford ave station. This falafal shop is amazing, for just $3 you can have a pretty hearty sandwich which will fill you up until breakfast. We ventured to union square in between these two meals, where all of he squirrels are a lot more friendly than the likes of the fluffy tailed rodents found in the UK. Check this little fella out...

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